How do I Calculate Volume?

1/ One Bulk Bag covers approximately 12 sq m at 50 mm( 2 inches). We are very competitive on membrane to go under gravels please look under our ” Other products” eg…. Landscape Fabric TDP50 1m x 14m roll £12.00 Landscape Fabric TDP50 2m x 20m roll £28.00

2/ Each Bulk Bag contains approximately 850 kg

3/ Bulk Bags are crane lifted off lorry. If possible driver can lift bag over walls up to 1.8 m ( 6ft ) if lorry can get close enough, but obviously at the drivers say so.

4/ What type of gravel ??? The more angular, the more stable. Round gravels are not suitable for paths / drives as i find they tend to “Wash” around. Smaller 10 mm gravels seem to be better for drives, but that is just my experience.

5/ Most gravels are in stock, the more expensive ones may need to be ordered and can take up to 1 week to come in.