Aspen 2 stroke Petrol 5L


Aspen 2-stroke petrol is a high-quality fuel specially designed for 2-stroke engines, commonly used in tools such as chainsaws, trimmers, and leaf blowers. Here are some key features and details about Aspen 2-stroke petrol:

Fuel Type: Aspen 2-stroke petrol is a pre-mixed fuel that contains a blend of unleaded petrol and 2-stroke oil. It is formulated to provide optimal performance and protection for 2-stroke engines.

Clean Burning: Aspen 2-stroke petrol is known for its clean-burning properties, which help reduce exhaust emissions and minimize carbon build-up in the engine. This cleaner combustion leads to improved engine performance and longevity.

Low Odor: Unlike traditional 2-stroke fuels, Aspen 2-stroke petrol has a low odor, making it more pleasant to use and handle. This can be especially beneficial when working in enclosed or poorly ventilated areas.

Reduced Harmful Emissions: Aspen 2-stroke petrol is formulated with additives that help reduce harmful emissions, such as hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. This makes it a more environmentally friendly option compared to conventional 2-stroke fuels.

Increased Engine Protection: The 2-stroke oil blend in Aspen fuel provides lubrication and protection to the engine’s moving parts, helping to reduce wear and tear and prolonging the engine’s lifespan.

Pre-Mixed Formula: Aspen 2-stroke petrol comes pre-mixed with the correct ratio of petrol to oil, eliminating the need for users to mix their own fuel. This ensures consistent performance and simplifies the fueling process.

Long Shelf Life: Aspen 2-stroke petrol has a long shelf life compared to conventional petrol, thanks to its stable formulation. This means it can be stored for extended periods without deteriorating, reducing the risk of fuel-related issues such as engine damage or starting problems.

User Convenience: Aspen 2-stroke petrol is designed for ease of use and convenience. Its pre-mixed formula eliminates the need for users to handle and measure separate quantities of petrol and oil, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Overall, Aspen 2-stroke petrol is a high-quality fuel option for 2-stroke engines, offering clean burning, reduced emissions, increased engine protection, and user convenience. Whether you’re a professional landscaper, arborist, or homeowner, Aspen fuel can help ensure optimal performance and reliability for your 2-stroke equipment.

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Daniel OsbornDaniel Osborn
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Good value for money and helpful service from this company - used twice now. Thank you.
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19:51 11 May 23
Excellent top soil. The ladies in the office were first class and the delivery driver was so helpful and tipped the soil exactly where I wanted it even though it was very tight to get the tipper into my driveway a lot of shunting back and forth to turn it to get in position first class service highly recommended.
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09:00 01 Apr 23
Ordered turf delivery was prompt and driver was great. Turf now laid is great quality too. All staff have been polite and informative.
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16:49 09 Dec 22
Excellent service with great people and great products. Ordered and delivered on time by helpful sales lady and lorry delivery driver. I had over ordered the stones I required but not a problem, driver returned to collect by the end of the day. Thank you South Wales turf , will definitely use your services again and will thoroughly recommend you to everyone .Many thanks Andy
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11:54 20 Sep 21
I was let down by several companies when overhauling my garden this year so when I came to arranging the new lawn I was very concerned in case I had another bad contractor but.. I have to say Andrew and the team did an amazing job of supplying and installing a huge amount of soil for my lawn and embankment as well as laying around 220 square meters of good quality lawn. On top of that he sorted my gravel out as well, amazing service, great friendly team, good fair prices and did exactly what he said he would do. Aftercare is also top notch. Thanks to all the team at South Wales Turf & Topsoil

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